I have a problem. A book problem. I’m not fussy about what form they take, mind: ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks. I don’t think fetishising the physical object is the way forward, any more than painstakingly transcribing ecclesiastical texts in Latin was the way forward. I’m with Gutenberg.

Ebooks are far more practical. They’re lighter, and I can go about my daily life without wrestling with their pages to prop them open using a variety of objects. I don’t need an exploding bookshelf to prove that I’m intelligent. But I do have one, all the same.


As far as autobiographies go:

I’m 25, I live and work in London. I come from Bath, and I took an English Literature degree at Bristol University. By day, I work in marketing at a publishing house.

If you’re wondering about the title, my post, ‘What does it mean to be A Word Child’ explains all that.

My Bookshelf

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